The Daughter Of The Chieftain The Story Of An Indian Girl

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It's amazing how God can work in so many various ways for different peoples, as seen in the relationships between Native Americans and our group of the little white family, and the Oma family portrayed in The Daughter of the Chieftain : the Story of an Indian Girl. On the other side, however, is the appalling way that both groups treated one another. This is a true tale of an Indian Chieftain who makes friends with a young white girl (or vice versa), makes friends with the family, pays visits, and eventually brings his young daughter along. Then everything goes wrong, the Iroquois wage war on the white people and slaughter many of them, but the chieftain manages to save this one family, with a significant contribution from his young daughter. The Chieftain and his family are ultimately... No, the suspense cannot be revealed. You should read the complete story for that!

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