With Wolfe In Canada The Winning Of A Continent

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"With Wolfe in Canada: The Winning of a Continent" is a historical novel written by G.A. Henty, a British author known for his adventure stories for young readers. The book tells the story of the Seven Years' War in North America and the pivotal Battle of Quebec. The novel follows the adventures of a young British officer named James Walsham, who joins the army led by General James. Together, they embark on a campaign to capture the strategic city of Quebec from the French forces commanded by General Louis-Joseph de Montcalm. Henty's book provides an engaging and educational account of the conflict, offering readers insights into the strategies, tactics, and challenges faced by both sides during the war. "With Wolfe in Canada" serves as both an entertaining read and an introduction to the historical events surrounding the British conquest of Quebec. It offers a glimpse into the bravery and determination of the soldiers involved and sheds light on the larger geopolitical struggles for dominance in the New World.

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